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Refugee Cove, Cape Chignecto

Refugee Cove, Cape Chignecto


Our season runs from mid-June to end of September.


Call 1-902-670-8314 or email We accept cash and cheques only. Should you have to cancel please let us know 48-hrs in advance.


We are located in Advocate Harbour, Nova Scotia. Please meet us at our launch site in West Advocate. After driving west through Advocate Harbour along the Hwy 209 you’ll come to a sharp right curve. At the end of this curve the trees clear and there is a junction. You’ll then want to turn left towards West Advocate. Follow West Advocate Rd until you reach Advocate Beach Rd (it’s the second road on your left). Turn left onto Advocate Beach Rd and park. Walk over the ramp, and you should see the captain on the beach with a large green truck and the boat.

What to wear: Please wear long pants and footwear like runners that you don’t mind getting wet. It’s always cooler on the water than on land, so wear a warm sweater like a fleece and a waterproof windbreaker. A hat, sunscreen and sunglasses are good to have along, too. We have dry bags for your spare clothing and camera.

Please note we have a 48-hour cancellation policy. If we have to cancel, there is of course no charge. Weather is often unpredictable here and we cannot always make a decision if the tour can go until the day of the tour. If you are concerned about your travel plans and the weather please call or email us the evening before the tour.

If you have any questions or concerns we will be happy to help you.