Cape Split and Blomidon

2 to 3.5 hour boat tour to Cape Split and Blomidon

Tidal rips, awe inspiring scenery – $ 75 per adult. Children to 12 $37.75 to Cape Split Book Now

$95  per adult. Children to 12 $47.75 to Cape Split and Blomidon


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Cape Split

Nowhere else on earth can you witness the power of the tides more than at Cape Split.  This is where the largest tides on earth are constricted by the long basalt hook of Cape Split thrust far into the Bay of Fundy, creating impressive tidal rips.  There is an attempt to harness this tremendous power by the use of in-stream tidal turbines.  Although it is proven technology - used in strong currents in offshore Europe – the first turbine tested against the Fundy tides was destroyed as the currents ripped all the blades of the turbine out.  So it was back to the drawing board for the engineers to try to find a way to utilize the tremendous potential. You can see more about  the plans for using the power of the tides at the FORCE center at Black Rock by Parrsboro. Click here to go to the FORCE site.

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The tides at this spot have also been part of the legends of the indigenous people of Nova Scotia.  The natural phenomenon of the huge tides here and throughout the bay was a large part of the tales of Glooscap, the principal god of the Mi’kmaq who made his home at the cliff tops of Cape Blomidon, overlooking one of the worlds natural wonders.


Cape Split Nova Scotia

Cape Split panorama on a overcast foggy day, its a amazing place regardless of weather with its 250 ft cliffs

Cape Split on the Bay of Fundy

The amazing geology of Cape Split as seen from the water

This tour can either be done as a 2 hour to Cape Split or a 3.5 hour tour to Cape Blomidon and Cape Split.

cape blomidon with advocate boat tours

Cape Blomidon, very rich in amethyst, jasper and agate

tidal energy on bay of fundy

For those with an interest in tidal power, this tour takes you to one of the prime destinations on earth for possible tidal power generation. It has long been recognized as such. In 1915 an Acadia University professor created a plan to harness the tidal energy at Cape Split. The plan (shown to the right in his drawing and what Cape Split looks like without his plan) was to use the tide to drive four large pumps that would pump the water to the top of the cliffs where a large reservoir was to be built. Then the water would flow through pipes back down the cliff, through conventional turbines to generate the power. He had tested his theory and it did work, but in 1920 his equipment was destroyed by fire and the idea abandoned.


tidal power


This is the turbine that was tested in the powerful Bay of Fundy currents at the Black Rock FORCE site near Parrsboro/Cape Split but wasn’t able to survive in the harsh environment. FORCE will be the test site for more turbines, a site we boat over on our Cape Split tour.